Body Breakthrough Program Intro: Vinyasa Flow with Sasa

2020-10-27 18:54
Body Breakthrough Program Intro:  Vinyasa Flow with Sasa

What is 跟著呼吸流動瑜伽?

跟著呼吸流動瑜伽is a new Body Breakthrough Vinyasa yoga program with trainer Sasa. This is an intermediate to advanced yoga program designed for yoga practitioners who are already familiar with the basics and have been practicing yoga for 6 months or longer. This program transitions from one pose to the next so be ready to get a serious sweat on. Due to the faster nature of Vinyasa, this program will more closely resemble a light-intensity cardio workout. This program will utilize the Body Breakthrough Yoga Blocks.

What is Vinyasa Flow?
Vinyasa is sometimes described as moving meditation. It is an approach to yoga in which you move from one pose directly linking into the next. 跟著呼吸流動瑜伽 has a different flow planned with each day being a completely different creative adventure than the one before.

Benefits of Vinyasa:
Helps builds muscle strength while increasing your overall fitness endurance
Increases stability and balance
Lowers stress and anxiety
Helps you sleep better
Increases mental focus
Simultaneously builds strength and mobility