Am I Skinny Fat?

2020-10-21 21:55
Am I Skinny Fat?

Traditionally people associate being the proper weight with being healthy and being overweight as being unhealthy, but that is not always true.  The term “skinny fat” is also known as Metabolically Obese Normal Weight or MONW.  The definition of MONW is used to describe someone in the ideal weight range but has a body fat % that is higher than healthy.  People that fall into this category do not exercise and do not eat a healthy diet.  Many people who are MONW don’t realize they have a problem because they look in the mirror and appear skinny.  Hardcore dieters who barely eat to maintain a low weight often fall under this category.  While starving yourself might seem like the ideal way to stay skinny, it is causing damage to your body and vital organs because of the lack of nutrients that your body is receiving.  

Skinny Fat Checklist
If you identify with some of the conditions below you might be skinny fat
1. Your belly is bigger than the rest of your body
2. You eat a diet low in protein
3. You have not lifted weights for many years
4. You experience brain fatigue or the inability to concentrate
5. You feel lightheaded after easy exercise
6. You love to eat excess carbs, especially sugars and processed foods

What are the Risks of Being Skinny Fat?
People who are skinny fat usually have a low muscle mass and often find themselves with vitamin deficiencies which cause fatigue or the inability to concentrate.  Because skinny fat people often have a poor diet that lacks in vegetables, fruits, and protein, they often have digestive problems such as heartburn, stomach pains, and gas.  In essence, these people are not overeating, so they are able to stay skinny, but they are missing a lot of the nutrients needed to be healthy.  Some of the serious health risks to skinny fat people are high cholesterol, poor blood circulation, and increased fat around their organs.  A lack of muscle on the body leads to a higher risk for diabetes.  If you think you are skinny fat, you should visit your doctor and take necessary blood tests to get baseline levels on your current health.

What to do if You are Skinny Fat?If you feel you fall under the skinny fat category, it is not too late to make a change!  Cut out the sugar from your diet (sodas, candy, desserts), processed food, and refined grains.  Eat a diet higher in protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats.  The Body Breakthrough APP can assist you in creating a balanced meal plan and allows you to track your meals, snacks, and water consumption on a daily basis.  In addition to changing your diet, start exercising and get enough sleep every night.  Lifting weights is crucial to changing your body composition.  People with more muscle mass have a lower risk of heart disease and death.  Pair your lifting days with a recovery protein shake to maximize your muscle gains.  If you cannot get to weights, at least try to be active for 30 minutes a day.  This could be something as simple as going for a brisk walk or a bike ride in the evening.  If you have a busy schedule and want to work out at home, check out Body Breakthrough’s home workouts.  They have workouts that fit into a busy schedule.  Whether you want to do yoga, cardio, or lift weights, there is something for you.