How to Start Working Out Again

2021-02-02 18:33
How to Start Working Out Again

It’s a new year and let’s face it, most of us have been enjoying the holidays, but now that its 2021, its time to get moving again.  Whether you are starting after a long break or only took a couple weeks off, these tips can help you to get back into the workout flow safely and effectively so you can maximize your results.

The first step should be planning and scheduling.  Think about what type of workout you want to do and start with a shorter duration.  Baby steps are the key here as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself too soon.  Find a workout partner that has the same starting goal as you or find someone who has been consistently working out.  Make an effort to workout together to keep yourself on track.  Decide how many days a week you want to workout and make it a routine.  Are you busy and don’t want to commit a lot of time working out?  Start with one day, then maybe move it up to two.  10 minutes a day is all you need to get yourself back on track.

The next step should be to set realistic yet challenging goals.  Is your goal to burn fat, get stronger, or eat healthier?   Make sure these goals have an expiration date, so you don’t keep dragging on without making progress.  Write your goal down in a place where you can be reminded daily.  Make smaller goals at first so you can achieve them then you can up the stakes as you become more active.

Once you are ready to move, having the correct equipment is important.  Get yourself a pair of comfortable training shoes, some breathable clothing, and a yoga mat.  Performing at your best requires you to feel comfortable and confident and there’s nothing like some new gear to keep you motivated.

When starting to exercise again, it is important to properly warm up.  Do some active stretches to get the blood flowing in your body.  In terms of the actual workout, make sure you learn the proper form of some fundamental movements such as squats, lunges, and planks.  It is important to get the basics down before progressing to more difficult stimulus.  Start with low intensity workouts and up the intensity once your body has started to adapt.  After your workout don’t forget to do some cooldown static stretching which will help to signal to your body that the workout is done, and it is time for your body to enter recovery.  If you are feeling sore the next day, take a day off or a couple days off until your muscle soreness has subsided.  This is a time where your muscles are repairing themselves to grow stronger.

So you have started moving, but what about rest?  Some people might try to make up for lost time by exercising everyday and never letting their body rest.  Rest days are key to recovery and allowing the body to replenish itself after working hard.  Be sure to schedule rest days in your week and listen to your body.  If your body and muscles are feeling sluggish, it’s trying to tell you it needs a day off.  On these rest days you can take a walk or do some stretching to improve your flexibility, but the exercises should be at a low to moderate intensity.

All this exercise is good, but lifestyle changes should go hand in hand with increased activity.  Be sure to get a good night of sleep every night so your body can recover properly.  Try to consume healthier foods and reduce stress in your life. Good luck and let’s get into the best shape of our lives in 2021!